Mount Diablo & The Volvon People  (Alex Kerekes’ 32 minute video)

Heather At The Birthing Site4 minute slideshow

Kaaknu the Volvon A novel by James Benney

An awkward, amateurish attempt to tell an important story. Kaaknu the Volvon tribal chieftan was a real person. Recorded history shows that he attained prominent stature during his lifetime, which started in 1770 in a benign 10,000 year-old Native American cultural environment around Mount Diablo, east of the San Francisco Bay. It is hard not to appreciate the fantastic cultural stability that his people managed to sustain through hundreds of generations.

Volvon Bedrock Mortars By Robert Bardell

Tom Stienstra’s article: National park proposal would elevate Volvon land.

American Indian History (“Embrace the Good”) SFGate, San Francisco Chronicle, by Tom Stienstra

The Indian Hunter East Bay Express News

Volvon Village Proposal

EBRPD Response

CCWD Response

KTVU Special Report Video

The Lost City in the East Bay Hills by Robert Bardell

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