Volvon Rock City Village

Volvon Rock City Village


On Mount Diablo 75 Bedrock Mortars at several locations



As we slowly become aware that for 10,000 years this land we live on was fully occupied by a thriving, stable, indigenous society and civilization that was quickly wiped out just over 200 years ago by European settlers and diseases we will need to become more fully engaged in the real human history of our surroundings.



The now forgotten Volvon tribe that controlled access to Mount Diablo was quite likely the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated group in Central California and left behind long developed and occupied village and camp sites that are accessible and understandable by knowledgeable aware citizens today.



The Volvon Village in Rock City on Mount Diablo is one such site.

Not recognized or acknowledged by the State Parks system, or archaeologists, or present day Native Americans, it is nevertheless very much here now.



To properly understand this situation it is important to visit as many of the 80 sites we have identified in Volvon territory and to comprehend fully their importance to this vanished civilization and to ours today.



The Rock City Volvon Village would have been the last stopping point for seekers, shamen, and medicine women on their way to the top of Mount Diablo, and the magic, mysticism, and understanding that awaited them.



Rock City has several clusters of habitation and food processing sites we believe could have easily been occupied year round by 200-300 people of long standing familial and tribal relationships. Try just hanging out in and around these locations and imagine the lives that preceded us.

Their spirits are still here.