The Birthing Rock

We don’t disclose the location of this absolutely magical site that we stumbled upon one day while searching for bedrock mortars.

To our knowledge no Native American, Archaeologist, or Park and Water District employee was ever aware of it.

We believe “The Pouch” was carefully carved out to hold a woman’s body while giving birth


The view while lying in “The Pouch”


Many cupules, often associated with fertility rites, cover the side of the boulder.


Heather sits atop the rock by the carved out bowl we think could have held burning sage and herbs to facilitate the birthing process.


Heather relaxes in the pouch.



This rock sits directly in front of the pouch, also covered with cupules.


After a little daylighting two Olla type bowls are uncovered, presumably used to heat water during the birthing.


A Doula tests another approach.

IMG 8507

This phenomenal site should be recognized and protected. Who knows how many Volvon births may have occurred here? Its location suggests midwives living on site and guardians offering protection from wild animals.

Enjoy our 4 minute slideshow “Heather at the Birthing Site”

Volvon Territory
We believe many hundreds of people lived here for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans, 250 short years ago.

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