Lion’s Mane Village – Livermore

Lion’s Mane Village – Morgan Territory – Livermore

Yes, it is a drive to get to Morgan Territory, but worth it.
We’ve never regretted it, coming from Walnut Creek.
We like to circle Mt Diablo, usually entering from Livermore
and exiting via Clayton, or vice versa.


Hike out the Volvon Trail, walking through the northern end of the 1/2 mile long, 725 bedrock mortar main Volvon Village, through the gap and down to your left. Less than a mile from parking.


There are 72 mortars here, spread around, and maybe a dozen on this fantastic rock.


A special “nipple” mortar.


We call it the Lion’s Mane Village because one day we discovered this unique mushroom.

Edible, we’re told. We left it alone. Never have seen another one.

The numbers indicate how many bedrock mortars we have found at each site.

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