When you come across a pestle in or around a bedrock mortar, you come face to face with the fact of abrupt cultural displacement.

We leave these pestles near where we find them, hoping others will have the same seminal experience we have.

The two pictures at the end are in museums. The rest are right where they were left when the soldiers and padres took over. Indigenous lives matter too

Joel’s Pestle, Volvon Village
Ryan’s Hidaway, Walpert Ridge
Jeff’s Lookout, Sunol
Molluck Trail, Morgan Territory
Vargas Plateau, Fremont
Jeff’s Pestles, Mission Peak
Rocky Ridge, San Ramon
Round Valley, Brentwood
Minnis Ranch, Ed Levin Park
Walpert Ridge, Hayward
Rockwall to Campsite, Walpert Ridge
Above Mission Peak Meadow, Hayward
Mallory Gorge, Los Vaqueros
Mission San Jose, Fremont
Alviso Adobe, San Ramon