North East Round Valley – Brentwood

North East Round Valley  – Brentwood


Incredible find by avid scout Ron Santos. 10 bedrock mortars on a rocky spine that we were not aware of.


The legend is that thousands of native Americans from all over central and northern California would come to Round Valley annually for Big Time celebrations, trading, and co-mingling. Plenty of room to camp in Round Valley. Overseen by the Volvon elders in the big 327 mortar village across the valley.
Head out the Miwok Trail for maybe 1.5 miles until it comes out of the woods. Keep to your right on the Murphy Meadow Trail (poorly marked)
and cross the steel bridge and go through the gate. Stay to your right on the trail along the fence.
A beautiful mortar at the bottom of the rock outcrop on the spine.
Go about half way up the spine.
Real nice 5 bedrock mortar rock with a fantastic view of Round Valley and a probable house pit.
Keep going up the spine and you’ll come across the remains of a 1945 military plane crash complete with a commemorative cross and crash debris still spread around.


The numbers indicate how many mortars we have counted at each site. This site is so new (to us) we don’t have it on our GoogleEarth kmz map yet.
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