Orestimba – Newman

Orestimba – The Meeting Place  – Newman


73 bedrock mortars in numerous rock shelters and across the top of the plateau.

The first Europeans to venture into this part of the central valley, Lt. Moraga and Fr. Vlader, met with the chiefs of several tribes at this location on October 25, 1810.


If you’re headed down Highway 5 this is a short walk to a fascinating ancient  site. How old? Could be 5000 or 10,000 years old.

Go east on Stuhr Road for about a mile. Turn right on Bell Road. Turn right on Orestimba Road.


When you get to the aqueduct, park on the side. Less than a mile down the road is the outcrop.


This little trail pops you right into the first of several rock shelters on the west side.




The top of the plateau has bedrock mortars scattered all over.



At the peak are these two Olla Bowls, used for preparing food.


It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes from Walnut Creek.


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