East Bay Huichin Tour

East Bay Huichin Tour    Still here


Currently The Huichin Tribe is trying to save the West Berkeley Shellmound. https://shellmound.org

No Hiking involved! Walk right in to all five sites in 2 to 3 hours.

Alvarado Area – Wildcat Canyon Park – Richmond

Walk right in

Look behind this gazebo

These “cupule” rocks are associated with fertility rites and astronomical observations. They are not meaningless. We just don’t know the meaning.


Nice to see increasing recognition of the 10,000 year history of this civilization

Mira Vista Park – Richmond


Right next to the creek



Canyon Trail Park Berkeley



Some beautiful deep mortars here


And many cupules



Albany Hill Albany

Creekside Park

Jump the creek right here



You can’t miss it




Indian Rock Berkeley

Actually the mortars are right up the street from Indian Rock


A very cool spot, right next to today’s homes. There may be 100 mortar sites in the Berkeley Hills. The natives somehow lived together with the Grizzly Bears, Mountain Lions, and Rattlesnakes.


A very cool spot to bring the kids


Indian Rock itself offers fantastic bay views. A popular destination.


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