Monte Bello – Palo Alto

Monte Bello Open Space – Palo Alto Hills

An unusual, important site.
Less than a 10 minute walk from parking.
Nice hiking trails on a hot day,

There are 50-60 cupules on this mortar rock.
(not visible in these photos)
often associated with fertility rites.
Bob pointed out that several mortar bowls
are flat bottomed and probably not for use
pounding acorns. We counted 12 mortars.

Take a picnic, take a book, take a guitar, take a nap, take some kids.


Start here


Take The White Oak Trail out a little ways


Bob noted several unusual features to these mortars


Great view down Stevens Creek and to the east, Mount Diablo


Yerba Buena, the good herb, right there. One leaf, aromatherapy for 5 people.


The numbers next to the fires indicate how many bedrock mortars we found at that site.

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