Sunol – Ohlone Regional Wilderness

Sunol – Ohlone Regional Wilderness   in Sunol

The Great Cover-Up


You can drive right in to this site and park,

and never know you are anywhere near a Native American village site

possibly thousands of years old.


We’ve been told this little cabin sits right atop a substantial midden.

Bob inspects the darker soil.


Just to the side of this building lays a little pile of rocks.

We’re calling it the great cover-up.


We uncovered it. Then covered it back up. We don’t know why.


This was the way it looked back in 2005.


Ancient tools are lying around all over the place.


There are more bedrock mortars near the creek.

Alameda Creek is a major fresh water tributary into San Francisco Bay.

There are fantastic hiking and camping opportunities in this East Bay Park.


The numbers indicate how many bedrock mortars we have found at each site.


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