Desecration Row

Volvon Village August 2021

We don’t believe this village site is getting the respect that it deserves. It may be the most important remaining intact example of the living situation for the premier Volvon tribe that controlled access to the sacred mountain (Diablo).

50-60 cattle apparently herded to this location does not seem to jibe with Contra Costa Water District stated policies.

“CCWD asks for your cooperation in staying away from these areas and keeping the locations of identified cultural resource sites on the Watershed confidential to prevent disturbance, looting, damage, and other unauthorized uses that compromise their cultural and scientific values.”


“It is important that these sites and artifacts be understood, respected and protected.”

Cultural Resources Assessment of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California

The Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) was contacted by letter on July 10, 2008, requesting information on sacred lands and a contact list of local tribal representatives.

A response was received from the NAHC on August 1, 2008, noting, “A record search of the sacred land file has failed to indicate the presence of Native American 
cultural resources in the immediate project area.”

This is what we are up against folks.

700 plus bedrock mortars disappearing beneath the manure and duff

We daylight so that people can appreciate what was going on here for probably thousands of years.

It’s hard to keep up with this level of degradation.

Fortunately, we have mapped and recorded every aboveground bedrock mortar at the site in the interests of future scientists and native Americans who will eventually wake up to the potential here. For instance, “How old is this site?”