Round Valley Village Brentwood

Round Valley Village    Brentwood


This amazing village of 300 plus bedrock mortars presides over Round Valley, reportedly the site of Native American “Big Times” hosting thousands of participants from hundreds of central Californian villages. Imagine them camping there as you walk across it.


Just head on out the Miwok Trail for about 3 miles. Mostly level walking.


When you go through this gate at the far end of Round Valley find the social trail to your right going up the hill, and within 100 yards you’re in it.


This was a scientific expedition for us.


We were numbering and recording and gps’ing every boulder with bedrock mortars. We got up to 138 boulders and 290 mortars. Some are buried under recently downed trees.


We believe this site and many others could completely disappear under fallen trees and leaf debris because at this time no one really seems to care if they are recognized and appreciated or not.

A leading figure in the field of high-performance scientific computing, who wishes to remain un-named, provided this Map and Stats. Each flag is a boulder.


Round Valley Stats


The numbers indicate how many bedrock mortars we have counted at each site.





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