Coast Miwoks of Southern Marin

Coast Miwoks of Southern Marin

We met Lucina, a direct descendant of the South Coast Miwok, at Olompali several years ago.

Here she is in 2003 with her late father Dr. Robert Thomas, a direct descendant of a long line of Coast Miwok chieftains of Southern Marin going back thousands of years.

He has written very eloquently and extensively about the disappearance of his tribe and people from Marin County.



The Coast Miwok were here in large numbers and were very happy people living with the land.

It is both of their missions, started by her Dad, to carry on the family legacy.

These descendants of Camillo Ynitia of the Coast Miwok of Olompali are now working on the Coast Miwok Marin Monument Statue Project to remind the public of their long history and continued presence.


Family photo after relocation to Hopland.

One of the last known dwellings.

A page from Dr. Robert Thomas’s many fascinating manuscripts.

A few of the current active tribal people still here.


Lucina and her children.


Enjoy these two short videos highlighting the growing awareness of this history.

Dana Hawke of the Museum of the America Indian in Novato

Victoria Canby also from the Museum in Novato