Modern Rock Art In The Black Hills – Danville

These are all pretty hard-to-get-to places.
We don’t advocate for this kind of handiwork but you can’t keep an impulsive artist down.

This could be the same artist as above.

Possibly several artists represented here

These images have appeared on the internet as ancient Native American rock art.We don’t think so. Maybe a modern Native American artist.

Someone is apparently disturbed by these representations. The spiral has been completely removed. The falcon is almost gone. The anthromorph is next.

There are many caves on Cave Point that we have not been able to get to. We’re still searching for the legendary “Cave of the Hands”, somewhere in the Black Hills.

Chief Sycamore, overlooking Sycamore Creek. You be the judge.

We don’t disclose the locations of any of this art.
But we encourage people to go out and poke around.
Hiking. The best exercise known to mankind. Anonymous.


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