Louise’s Shelf – Livermore

Louise’s Shelf – Morgan Territory – Livermore


Adventurer Louise Lacey put out a little pamphlet in the 1970s, Power Places of California. This magical spot was in it, and led us to it.


We like to take the Coyote Trail to the Condor Trail to the Volvon Trail, out about two miles.


Just past the intersection with the Blue Oak Trail you will see this boulder and a single track social trail heading off to the left


When you get down to the bottom of the hill you will find this row of boulders Louise describes as “The Path” Small standing stones with an upright at each end. Stand between them, she says.


One of our female friends theorized that these worked bowls could have been used as sitz baths.


They weren’t grinding acorns here friends. The broken piece of the bowl on the left still lies right below it where it landed many years ago.


Follow the path from Louise’s Power Spot Path down onto what we call the shelf. The rocks on the edge overlook the 200 mortar Lower Village as Mount Diablo looms. There are 2 bedrock mortars right here under the Buckeye tree.


The cave right below could sleep 8-10 comfortably.


The numbers indicate our mortar count at each site.

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