Riggs Canyon Amphitheater – Danville

When you’re there look for the Foot and the Falcon in the rocks below the ridge.

WE don’t think anybody knew about this wonderful Village / Ceremonial site until we began to daylight the 112 bedrock mortars here.

Now is the time to go check it out.

From Finley Road in Danville it’s 2 miles in, a mild 400 foot elevation climb.

A fantastic stroll up Riggs Canyon. Stay on Old Finley Road until you get to this marker and pop into the Amphitheater.

The acoustics in the Amphitheater are phenomenal. Bob was at the top of the ridgeline easily conversing with me in the village far below.

Featuring a fantastic variety of bedrock mortar types

You have to park 1/2 mile from the gate on Finley Road. A nice quiet walk up the canyon.

Check out our Travelogue and go enjoy a nice hike, and a real sense of Native Californian history. https://eastbayhillpeople.com/eastbayhillpeople/riggs-canyon/