Redwood Peak Skull

This fascinating bit of knowledge came to us from Roger in San Francisco following our Redwood Fairy Rings Travelogue.

He believes this power spot is right where the “Navigation Trees” used by early Spanish Mariners from outside the Golden Gate were located.

He sent us this photo:

and this text:

As part of my research I started looking into the Navigation trees in the Oakland Hills.  While up in the hills looking around I spotted a giant sandstone skull that seeing is believing – hidden up on Redwood Peak! At the top of Redwood Peak – there is a well laid out trail with markers – you will come across a large quantity of boulders on the peak.  

The key to finding the skull is once you are standing amidst all of the graffiti of white people at the very top, straight ahead, looking west,  you will see the the largest single boulder as the peak starts to go back down, a bit to the left.  You will need to carefully start down  on the right side of that boulder and once far enough down, there is a modest level area down about 20 feet where you can look at the back side of the boulder and the above is what you will see.  

The mouth is the perfect size for a vision site that would have had one of the most incredible views of the bay imaginable.  And even more incredible, this boulder and skull head was likely sitting directly under one of the largest trees in the world.  The entire peak looks to have been a giant redwood forest some time in the past, possibly cut down by white people some time in the late 1840’s.   

We found the skull and totally enjoyed the whole Redwood Peak experience. Fairy Rings everywhere.