Fig Pig Gulch – Livermore

19 bedrock mortars in a charming setting that can help you appreciate how nice living in California has been for a long time.

We encourage people to get out and hike around.

Good for the mind and the body. All of the sites in our Travelogues are worthy of a look/see.

Just head out the Volvon Trail.

Get on the Whipsnake Trail and hike out to Mallory Ridge.

Find the second drainage to the north, and find your way down
to the 1200 foot elevation above the Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

You’re there!

All of a sudden, a real nice shelf.

Bedrock mortars scattered all around. There are more long buried in the area.

Rock alignments indicate frequent occupation.

Worth a visit for the intrepid adventurer. It’s crazy to think about what was going on here for thousands of years.