Mary Bowerman Trail – Mount Diablo

This 3/4 mile easy walking trail circles the very top of Mount Diablo.

It really has nothing to do with Native America except for thousands of years this was considered to be sacred ground.

We know it takes an hour or more to drive to the top of the mountain but why hurry? Mary Bowerman was one of the founding members of Save Mount Diablo.

The first part of the path is paved and wheelchair accessible

The views in every direction are spectacular, to say the least.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

This rock outcrop is known as The Devil’s Elbow or Pulpit, unfortunately. The Volvon Shaman and people certainly may have called it something else.

Once you’re up here it’s real easy to get to the top, with the most wonderful and inspiring views in Central California. Controlled by the Volvon Tribe for many thousands of years.