Jan Enderle Village -Mt. Diablo

Jan Enderle Village – Mount Diablo

A 35 Bedrock Mortar village so named because of the poem Jan wrote
after her first visit to the site, attached below.

Probably a six mile round trip with 1000 foot elevation climb by the time it’s all over,
starting with a lovely two mile jaunt down Curry Creek, which still has water in it
being fed by Alder Creek and Mountain Spring from the top of the mountain

Tucked away in the folding hills south of Curry Point, this charming settlement
may have been occupied for thousands of years.

Take a picnic, take a book, take a guitar, take a nap, take some kids.


Start here


Go all the way down Curry Creek, (past the Curry Creek 18 Mortar Milling Station)
past the gate to this sign, then up the hill.


Stay to the right here


100 yards past this cabin where the road bends, continue straight on the social trail


Maybe 150 yards past these rocks, over, under, or through an old fence, and you’re there


In the winter water is tumbling down this creek


35 different sizes and shapes to the mortars, this one is over a foot deep

Volvon Village
As I step into this forgotten place, my skin stands at hirsute attention,
a chill pricks my soul
with a thousand obsidian tipped spirits whose fire will never fade.
Reminding me to breathe the breath of their people, long gone,
of air still sweet with Volvon music.
Reminding me to step each step on soft coyote paws
on Earth that is still our Mother.
Reminding me of Her largess with mortar holes ground deep in stone
by seasons of acorns greeting countless pestles held in grateful hands.
Reminding me with a spring of tears that trickles
from this mountain’s eyes of the life that once flowed through this village
now strewn with broken, rusty pipes and cow manure.
Reminding me to honor Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Reminding me.


The fires indicate important remaining Native American Indian sites


















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