Below Cave Point – Danville

Below Cave Point

Mount Diablo State Park Danville

A unique 11 Bedrock Mortar site

5 plus mile round trip. Start at Curry Point and head on out the ridge.

Take a picnic, take a friend. This is / was all Volvon territory.


Turn right here and hike out a couple of miles. If you know where you are you’ll walk right past the 21 mortar site we call Below Knobcone Point Road.


Turn left here for maybe 1/3 mile


Find this social trail off the dirt road to the left.


There are 11 uniquely configured bedrock mortars on this boulder.


3 or 4 big Olla Bowls in the mix.


Swirling hot rocks on the perimeter of the Olla Bowl heated the food people were preparing here.


When you leave, follow the social trail you came in on through the memorable rock outcrops surrounding you back up to the ridge road.


The fires indicate important remaining Native American Indian sites we have recorded and the numbers represent our current count of bedrock mortars at each site.

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