Finding Lost Civilizations

Finding Lost Civilizations

Our friend Alex Kerekes has been making short videos of ancient habitation and art sites all over the world for quite a few years including more than 70 in California.

It is a phenomenal collection not found anywhere else.

Every one of these sites is a worthwhile destination for those who enjoy connecting with the cultures and societies that preceded us.

It helps to like hiking and being out in nature.

This is his latest on The Madussa Petroglyph Site. Fascinating material.


He’s not really touching it! An example of Superimposition.

Old art on top of older art.






A contemporary artist’s rendering showing the ancient grid pattern under the more recent petroglyphs.





For more local excursions try:

Rumsen Ohlone Indians of Carmel Valley

Cave of the Hands – The Esselen People – Big Sur

Mount Diablo &The Volvon People

Miwok Chaw-Se Site – Jackson

Little Arthur Creek – Santa Clara

More info and really local destinations: