Chinese Tree of Heaven – Hayward

18 bedrock mortars (including 5 bowl mortars), 3 metates, 2 cupules, incised rocks, rock rectangles, rock walls, and rock-lined pathways. Part of the unbelievable complex of sites on Walpert Ridge.

The Chinese Tree of Heaven tree (Ailanthus altissima) was introduced to California by the Chinese during the Gold Rush. The presence of this tree along with the dry-laid masonry skill apparent in a few of the rock enclosures near the power tower points to a Chinese presence here in the relatively recent past.

We believe the Yrgin or other Ohlones constructed most of the rock walls and enclosures found here. We believe these walls and enclosures had ceremonial functions.

This site lies right beneath the power pole.


A fantastic bowl mortar


This is a rock lined path to a prayer circle


This partially ruined stacked rock rectangle stands near the headwaters of a tributary of Dry Creek


The view across the South Bay


The Walpert complex is mostly land banked by the East Bay Regional Park District, scheduled to be opened to the public sometime in the hopefully immediate future.