The Stone Corral – Livermore

THE Stone Corral – Livermore

Start Here off of lower Morgan Territory Road.
Coming from Walnut Creek we like to circle the mountain, entering Morgan Territory from Livermore
and exiting through Clayton. Always a nice drive.



These markings are to instruct the dirt road grader to raise the blade going through these sensitive village and camp sites. You’ll walk through the 200 bedrock mortar Lower Village on your way to the corral.


We found this singleton for the first time due to the markings on the road. We are glad to see the Park District making an effort to protect these sites.


Just before you get to the year round spring and the actual corral is this wonderful 9 mortar rock.


There are stacked rock alignments all over. Perhaps hunting blinds.


The Stone Corral is considered to be western rancher built by most experts. We disagree, and think it could have been a Native American ceremonial site.


It’s easier to see in the winter months.

The numbers indicate how many bedrock mortars we have counted at each site.


















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