Whelk Pond – Livermore

WHELK POND – Morgan Territory, Livermore

We’ve probably been to the Whelk Pond a dozen times after finding 5 bedrock mortars down in the creek there 10 years ago.

Recently, associate David Bailey discovered this wonderful rock with views across the Central Valley and 5 brm’s.

As luck would have it we found 5 more mortars last weekend. Now we’re at 15 for the Whelk Pond site, so named because Doc Hale found some form of whelk snail in the pond the first time we were there.

Probably 2 miles out and two miles back. Not recommended on hot days.

Take a picnic, take a book, take a guitar, take a nap, take some kids.




The view through the gap across the Central Valley. On a clear day the Sierra Nevada mountains are visible.


Bailey’s Rock. Great spot to hang out and contemplate the people who came before you.


We still haven’t found them all. Every single one is important.


The numbers next to the fires indicate how many bedrock mortars we found at that site. When we update the GoogleEarth kmz file we’ll change the 5 at the Whelk Pond to 15. These are all part of the Volvon tribe’s ancestral territory.


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