Riggs Canyon – Danville

Riggs Canyon Amphitheater

113 Bedrock Mortars

Mount Diablo State Park, Danville

Old Finley Road


To get to this practically unknown park entrance you have to park on Finley Road in Danville
and walk 3/4 of a mile on the public road past the million dollar mansions to get there.


Finally you reach the barely marked back entrance to Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.


Just follow Old Finley Road for maybe a mile and a half. Spectacular hiking.
Moderate climbing.


Turn right here. This sign points to the Crest View Trail too.


In a quarter mile your enter the Amphitheater proper.


There are certainly more bedrock mortars in this area than the 113 we have found but
we don’t dig. We daylight. This is a great place for picnics, naps, and just hanging out.


The Foot and The Falcon preside over this fantastic gathering place, if you have an imagination.


The fires indicate important remaining Native American Indian sites
and the numbers are how many bedrock mortars we have found at each place.

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