Bob’s Mortar – Livermore

Bob’s Mortar in Morgan Territory

75 bedrock mortars in a secluded sheltered setting.

Extraordinary Hiking Adventures in the 10,000 year old homeland
of the Volvon Tribe just about every day.


Follow the signs. Volvon Trail to Bob Walker Trail to Blue Oak Trail to Miwok Trail to
Manzanita Trail. This site is at the bottom of the Manzanita Trail where it crosses the
creek and starts going up again. You can’t miss it!





This single bedrock mortar sits right next to the Manzanita Trail near a little spring
that still has water in it, and was the first brm Bob found on his own several years ago.


That led us to find 10-12 there next to the creek and on a subsequent trip we found the
beautiful kitchen rock with 25 mortars on it in this enchanted setting. Our count is 75 now


This kitchen rock welcomes you to contemplate, meditate, consecrate.


It takes a couple of hours to get there hiking and roughly
a 500 foot climb on the way out, but well worth it.

The Morgan Territory Regional Preserve is a fantastic
walking and hiking destination.


The fires represent important interesting remaining evidence of Native American
occupation of this land.

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