Lands End- Follow Up

Our intrepid explorers continue to expand our awareness of our shared environment.

Their recent report follows:

“Peter and I enjoy finding various lithic sources and recently we ventured to Bakers Beach and Marshall Beach not far from Lands End. Marshall Beach has its own wildlife (clothing optional – gay). But because the whole thing is Franciscan formation with crumbling cliffs, there is, from left to right:

Magnesite (MgCO3) – aka Pomo gold – can make beads
Soapstone – about the same low hardness – make beads, pipes, ear flares both can be “fired” to increase hardness and change color

The chert – First you have to find a chunk glassy enough, then within that get some flakes out of it. Obsidian is much easier to work.
But the chert points are found as artifacts and are much more durable.

None of these are ancient artifacts, I made em”

IMG 8973

The rocks are of the “Franciscan assemblage” of old sea floor brought to the surface when California still had a converging plate margin. Polished from wave action.

Lands End