Slick Ridge – Livermore

Slick Ridge

We call it Slick Ridge because the first time we discovered it we noticed an inordinate number of what seemed to be food processing grinding slicks.

Only on later examination did we observe there were more than the usual number of Olla Bowls (specifically used to heat food and water) in the vicinity as well.

Also, it would be a nice place to camp today, if it were allowed.

Take a picnic, take a book, take a guitar, take a nap, take some kids.

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. A nice one hour walk in each direction.
You pass through 3 other village sites on the way, if you know where to look.


Looking across the Volvon Plateau at the east side of Mount Diablo


The mystery pan mortar, not used for grinding acorns, folks.


Olla Bowl 1. The indented rim was used to circulate hot rocks. The flat bottom indicates hot food preparation.


Olla Bowl 2


Olla Bowl 3


Olla Bowl 4


Probably Grinding Stick. By the way, how old are these sites?


Just start at the parking lot of Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

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