Hummingbird Trail Site – Livermore

Hummingbird Trail Site – Morgan Territory Livermore

11 Bedrock Mortars

The journey here is immeasurably enhanced if you are aware of all the surrounding village, camp, and food processing sites in this part of Volvon Territory…

It is easy to visit 5-6 sites in a couple of hours.

There were hundreds of people living right here for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeansin the late 1700’s.

Check the map at the trailhead and choose a route to the Hummingbird Trail. It’s less than a mile’s easy walk.

This site is in the little drainage right below this trail

The lower white line is the snow-capped Sierra Nevada as seen from the Blue Oak Trail on a clear day. Imagine yourself as a Volvon Indian looking across the Central Valley from your perch on the Volvon plateau.

It is hard to understand the importance of the remaining and enduring spirit of the Volvon Indian without visiting several of the 80 sites we have located in Volvon territory. This is the tribe that controlled access to the sacred mountain, now called Diablo.
Note: Malcolm Margolin’s Bay Area map in The Ohlone Way does not include the Volvon tribal territory.