Day Light



Recently we were showing a small group around the Lower Volvon Village in Morgan Territory.

Fortunately, we have mapped out the 200 plus bedrock mortars we have counted because they are rapidly disappearing under the duff and debris of normal life.

This is a seven mortar rock we would have cleaned off three years ago.



We want people to see and appreciate these ancient food processing sites in all of their primordial glory.
Many “stakeholders” would prefer that they disappear and go unnoticed to protect them from scavengers and marauders. This is a ridiculous premise and hides the real, deeper reasoning behind this approach.
We believe the coordinated, calculated, clandestine effort to hide these sites is in place to benefit park and water district managers, university archaeology departments, and “most likely descendant” natives generously remunerated when remains and artifacts are uncovered, not to mention developers who would prefer to diminish the importance of these sites and the people who inhabited them.
But what about the general public that can and should learn to admire and appreciate this unique 10,000 year old culture, society, and civilization?
One associate’s perspective.
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Lower Volvon Village Bedrock Mortar Map
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