Curry Point Daylight – Danville

Curry Point Daylight

Curry Point on Mt Diablo is a great jumping off point for hiking in every direction. Native American villages and camps everywhere.

We believe this could be a long ago prayer seat for seekers of the sacred mountain’s mysteries. It’s right behind the big sign. You can’t miss it.

This site we call on the GoogleEarth map “Below Cave Point Road”. 21 bedrock mortars. It is actually below the Blackhawk Ridge Trail, almost down to Sycamore Creek. A very nice 1.2 mile hike from Curry Point. No mortars visible upon our arrival.

Visible now. Daylight. We want people to see them and hang out there. We did.

17 bedrock mortars on this rock. 4 more on a rock nearby.

Village and camp sites scattered all around, Spend an hour or a day.