Joel’s Fat Lip Mortar – Fremont

Joel’s Fat Lip Mortars  – Mission Peak –  Fremont

This unique feature is seldom seen in all the research we have done. And yet, there it is.

Maybe a little over a mellow mile from the parking lot. Parking very crowded on weekends. More than 1000 people a day trek to the top. A 2000 foot climb.


Be sure to turn right here.


When you cross the Agua Caliente Creek go down the fence line on your right to this mortar rock



A little ways up the creek in the eucalyptus grove there is another one.


From here head out past the livestock holding pens into the next drainage and hike up the south side for a ways until you come across this one-of-kind 3 mortar rock. A great picnic spot with a view of the south bay.


The white blob is the Tesla Factory. The numbers indicate the bedrock mortars we have found at each site. There are also rock alignments in this area.

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