Positive Public Comments

“For you hikers and seekers of the origins of native tribes and villages in the East Bay, you must get a copy of the following book because it’s a truly unique and pioneering work.”

— Harlan Kessel, Alameda County Historical Society Quarterly


“A sensitive and well-made small book, with nice photographs, which is the result of a growing appreciation for the traces of native Americans’ having lived here in the past.”

— Paul Freeman, Bay Area Rock Art News


“James Benney has made it possible for the everyday hiker to find the traces of people who lived where we live and walked the paths that we walk. Their existence seems far-off and abstract, until one follows his guide to rock formation sites bearing the imprint of their ancient past.”

— Dana Guzzetti, The Sentinal


“Great new book

— Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle


“A life-altering book.”

— Lisa Clark, Castro Valley


I have hiked, ridden horseback, and lead field trips to some of these
marvelous locations. Thank you for a fantastic and sensitive guide to these ancient and sacred places.”

— Marilyn Russell, Livermore


“Gabriella and I took the rig up to Mt. Diablo for a little overnight at Rock City, and wow, what a beautiful site with oaks, big rock formations, a cave and some really huge bedrock mortars.”

— Gregg McVicar, Walnut Creek


“I have been having one grand time exploring the sites in your book.
I am having the time of my life thanks to your book.”

— Jane O’Donnell, Piedmont


“I’m a ranch owner in the east bay … my family has been here since 1884. I bought your book and love it! Thank you for recognizing the important part Native Americans played in our backyard! Kudos.”

— Thom Reinstein, Reinstein Ranch, Livermore