The Volvon Cave – in the East Bay Hills

Native American tribes left a legacy of petroglyphs and pictographs on boulders and cliffs and caves. These early artists drew human and animal figures, sun circles, stars, and other more abstract designs. Many of the drawings mark sacred locations where they celebrated rites of passage and held ceremonies.

Rock paintings and drawings in California date from about 10,000 B.C. to the historic era. California has one of the largest and most diverse collections of rock paintings, drawings, portable rock art and ground figures in the Western Hemisphere. ​

The age of a particular rock painting can be tested by way of chemical analysis of remnant organics that were used to create a binder for a mineral- based pigment. Any conclusion about the age of the painting could potentially be confirmed, or falsified, by other researchers using the same or complimentary techniques.

Due to the precariously sensitive nature of this extremely important site we do not offer clues to its location.

The Anthromorph

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Instead of being ignored, this important East Bay treasure 
should be recognized, acknowledged and protected. 

It could be over 1000 years old.The only other Native American pictographs in the East Bay comparable to these are in the Vasco Caves in Byron.Access to the Vasco Caves is closely guarded in order to protect that valuable remnant form of pre-historic artistic expression.Park and Water District managers, academics, and some Native Americans would prefer that we did not even know that these places exist.We believe the coordinated, calculated, clandestine policy of suppressing knowledge of Native American Indian sites is an injustice and disservice to all of us that needs to be corrected.For some videos on California Native American pictographs and petroglyphs check out our friend Alex Kerekes’ web site Stories by Alex

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