Del Puerto Canyon

Del Puerto Canyon  –  Patterson
20+ bedrock mortars 
Elevation 575 ft.

A drive-up site. No hiking required. There are three known mortar rocks here, but a thorough examination of this site might turn up more and would surely raise the mortar count.



A closer look at the site. Note the rock near the right margin of the photo that looks something like a piano tipped onto its keyboard. 


That “piano” rock was once home to seven bedrock mortars.  How did it get tipped up like that?

Our relentless explorer Joel followed up later.


In our search for the Del Puerto Canyon site we found two other brm sites. We thought the second one was the one on the GoogleEarth kmz map until i looked at it upon return. This two mortar rock with trough (spillway) is from the 4 brm site that is relatively closer to the site on the kmz.



The other site, with the beautifully spaced mortars and cupules in an arc, is where the huge spray painted boulder is, and there is a lot of paint on boulders in the creek, sadly.   Apparently a party spot for the locals



further research needed