Canyon Middle School – Castro Valley

8 bedrock mortars on two rocks right below the parking lot.
Go on the weekends.

We’ve had some interaction with area residents who thought the site could enhance the school’s curriculum. “Last year we had a representative from the local Ohlone triblet visit, and our district decided to keep the site quiet and hopefully recreate the largest mortar to place in our campus with an informational sign at some point in the future.

We are technically not supposed to take students or others to visit, but I honestly cannot help going myself to daylight the mortars and absorb the vibes, so to speak.”

Another resident:
“Canyon Middle School. I checked the property map and they have ownership of the mortars —but the school district doesn’t know what to do about them. So they are ignoring them (for now). And they want no help.”

Does anyone have any idea how old this site is?

Broken mortars are an indicator of a long history.