Jalquin Vista Park – Hayward

Just pop up these 50 steps from your car parked on the street
and you are suddenly in a major league Native America power spot.

On a clear day there are kick ass views in every direction, plus it sits at the Northern tip of Walpert Ridge, home of one of the largest concentrations of Indigenous village, camp, and hunting sites that we know of.

Imagine 10,000 years of people occupying this very location.

Bob daylights one of the 16 mortars we recorded here.

The kids have always been coming up here.

Bob examines one of several distinct bedrock mortars styles in use since who knows when.

A “Basin” without a mortar in it with one right below that has a mortar in it.

The classic “High Low” mortar style.

The beautiful “Olla Bowl” feature, used for heating water and cooking.

For more newly emerging information about bedrock mortars see Bob’s article https://eastbayhillpeople.com/eastbayhillpeople/resources/volvon-bedrock-mortars-article/

Note the 25 sites we have listed on Walpert Ridge. A lot going on for a long time up there folks.