Ryan’s Hideaway – Hayward

24 bedrock mortars.

Part of the fantastic array of sites on Walpert Ridge.

This site is named in honor of Ryan the Cowboy, who has kicked us off the ridge several times when we accidentally strayed onto private property. He pointed this location out to us one day when we were heading for the Chinese Tree of Heaven site.

Being tucked away in a little hollow amid sheltering trees gives this site a “hideaway” feel. Look for more mortars on and around the little hill that rises on the righthand side of the creek bed.


Bob holds a massive pestle just laying on the ground there.



Junior admires the rim, depth, and machined interior of this beauty.


Bob refers to this type as a “high low”.


Download our Google Earth kmz map to get more concise directions. https://eastbayhillpeople.com/map/

Although we never have, we recommend getting permission to visit this site.