Brushy Peak First Terrace – Livermore

Brushy Peak First Terrace


Brushy Peak is still considered to be a sacred site to our remaining resilient Native Californians.
The Walker Ranch on the other side was the location of a major central California trading ground.

Respect their timeless history and continued presence.

Stay to the right when the trail splits.

Take the defined trail up the hill to the right of this gate.

This is an easy 30 minute jaunt from the parking lot.

When you reach the first rock outcrop head down the hill on the slightly less well defined trail.

We call this the Kitchen Rock. Deep mortars. 22 bedrock mortars right in this area


Look across the gully at this fantastic house pit.

Try to imagine for how many centuries some family lived right here. 31 bedrock mortars at this site. With the Kitchen Rock, one very nice Ssaom village.


The view towards Livermore.


A super important cupule rock, perhaps associated with fertility rites or astronomical observations, or both. Or neither. No one knows. These indentations were made by conscious humans for a reason.

The fires represent important remaining Native American Indian sites and the numbers are how many bedrock mortars we have identified at each site.

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