Round Valley Prayer Seat (Tsektsel)

Round Valley Village in Brentwood


Respect and Protect
The Round Valley Village in Brentwood features over 300 still visible bedrock mortars and this rock structure.

Tsektsels or Prayer Seats

This three-sided or semicircular dry-laid masonry enclosure is called a tsektsel or “prayer seat”

Tsektsels are identified ethnographically as locations for a variety of ritual activities. Traditional doctors (mainly women) visited such structures to gain their healing powers.

They are also associated with patterns of religious activity involving power quests and ritual and medicinal training.

In many cases they are still being used by Native Americans.

Sorcery, magic, and power are present and individuals pray at these structures for guidance involving personal health, bravery, wisdom, skill, commerce, and social relations.

There are important scientific and sociological reasons why knowledge of these sites should be communicated to others.

It is difficult to determine precisely the age of the Round Valley Village.

Even in the absence of excavation and other possible sources of further data, we can say that this complex has a considerable time depth. Its roots lie in prehistory.

There are reports of “Big Time” trading and ceremonial gatherings held annually in Round Valley attended by thousands of Indians from neighboring tribes.

We “daylighted” this village many years ago and it is far less visible today.
But still there.


In 2018 We photographed, gps’d, and provided written descriptions of every boulder still featuring food processing bedrock mortars.
There are more still buried.