Daylight- Below Knobcone Point



Below Knobcone Point Road on Mount Diablo


21 bedrock mortars, 16 on one rock.


This may have been a seasonal camp, viable when there was water flowing in the nearby branches of Sycamore Creek. The notch cut by Sycamore Creek through the Black Hills provides one of the few easy routes into Volvon territory, so this camp may have had a “gatehouse” function.


The two bowls on the upper rock are similar to the ones below Cave Point. Their bottoms are flat with mortars at the center. The side walls bulge into the surrounding rock in the classic “Olla” style. These bowls are quite worn and give the appearance of age. It’s possible that the inner mortars represent a secondary use of the bowls, adopted after the original use was discontinued. On the other hand, the mortars may have been an integral part of the design. There is a lot we don’t know.


This rock with 5 mortars is just a few feet off the dirt road.



This barely visible rock below the other has 16 mortars on it which have completely disappeared after a few short years lacking love, attention, and daylighting.


Richard goes to work.


We uncovered all 16 of them so future explorers can appreciate the people who lived here.


A 3 mile delightful round trip.
Start at Curry Point on Knobcone Point Trail.
Turn right at the Black Hills Trail intersection.
Go down almost to Sycamore Creek.