Log Cabin and Pond Villages – Byron

What is fascinating about this complex of village sites
is the potential numbers of people living here for thousands of years.

An 8000 year old body was uncovered during the construction of the reservoir.
These sites may have been occupied at the same time.

Within a five mile stretch here below the Black Hills you have:

Round Valley:    327 mortars
Pond Village:    130 mortars
Log Cabin Village:     60 mortars
Green’s Village:    75 mortars
Mallory Creek Village:     45 mortars

Besides the village sites buried under the reservoir we believe several hundred people
may have been permanently living in this area alone.

Enter off Vasco Road.

Head out the Los Vaqueros Trail from the Marina.

All that remains of the Log Cabin is the foundation and the chimney behind the barn. The mortars are up the creek to the left.

Go a little further and go up the Adobe Trail until you see the dam on your left.

Nicely accessible gates at this time.

The Pond Village extends up into the rocks.

4 bedrock mortars on this rock. 130 more scattered through the outcrop.

Randall Milliken studied the Mission records and concluded that there were 200 Volvons in the tribe. We think this figure is wildly inaccurate. We have identified over 80 sites and 2000 plus mortars in Volvon Territory.