Our Explorers Preview

This report from one of our contributors (who wishes to remain anonymous because this site is off the official trail) really expands our awareness of this particular location as we continue to wonder…

How many Volvon were here?

The Canyon Milling station sits above Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

Now adding 12 bedrock mortars to our original count of 30. Essentially, probably another permanent village site.


A flint knapping expert and I took a lower route on the way into the Canyon Milling station because we missed the upper road. It worked great, at first, then dense brush and we had to regain altitude that we would ultimately descend through again.

Its only in this Google Earth view that I realize these sites over the Canyon Milling station weren’t found before because they are above the main road in, which is faintly visible in the background.

This day involved bewilderment, being semi-lost, redemption, exhaustion, and I hope I have many more days like it.

We stumbled onto 8 brms at the uppermost site. Seven on two adjacent rocks and one shallow nearby. Many burnt dead trees down, so possibly more hidden brms. Difficult to photograph these mortars in the shade.

Upon realizing the Canyon site was further down, we encountered 4 more brims and some cupules on a bedrock ridge with great views. Although difficult to see, one shallow mortar had an array of cupules around it.

I recall there is a diamond like configuration of cupules down near Los Vaqueros reservoir on the way in.

The Canyon Milling site is still fairly open, the poison oak is starting back low.

Bob, lemme know when you wanna visit, I feel drawn to further exploration of this area.



Go to www.eastbayhillpeople.com/map and click on any fire for more photos and info.

Please note the incredible array of Volvon sites in the Black Hills.