Round Valley Village Brentwood

It’s really not as bad as it looks.

Fire is good for the land.

It will be glorious in the Spring.

327 Bedrock Mortars in a major league Volvon tribal village site

This tree fell over the Prayer Circle (tseksel) and knocked over a few rocks.

New (very old) bedrock mortars were uncovered, while others disappeared.

This is our map of the 300 plus bedrock mortars still visible in this important Village.

Each flag represents a boulder with one or more bedrock mortars. For the historical record we have photos and gps coordinates of each rock.

Our concern is that if the coordinated, calculated, clandestine policy of suppressing knowledge of Native American Indian sites prevails they will all disappear due to ignorance and inattention. Round Valley was the home of annual Volvon Big Times attracting thousands of people from neighboring tribes for possibly thousands of years.