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Dear Anne Kassebaum; Bob Doyle, GM, East Bay Regional Parks,

Every culture on Earth has their own Sacred Mountain. Most Sacred sites were usually adopted by the conquerors. It is unthinkable that Mt. Diablo is an orphan Sacred Mountain unclaimed by a feeling of political correctness by the State of California; and neither allowed to be claimed by Native Americans.

We can imagine your own dilemma in our legalistic and politically charged California. It is not the California that I grew up in during the 1950’s.

I have traveled to many ancient temples and sites around the world, and most of them are filled with earth and cosmic energy, astronomical alignments, healing waters, and specialty flowers, herbs, and medicines.

I would like to suggest that initially the Volvon village sites be investigated by students from Davis, Berkeley, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and other regional Universities -that some of the special phenomena described above might be found at Mt. Diablo and the Morgan Territory.

If the Volvon sites were to pass some of the criteria then the State and Regional Parks could designate it as a true Sacred Mountain -open to research and modest educational tourism which could bring in some money to have proper staff and security for these incredibly important and venerable sites. Sincerely,
Thomas Karl Dietrich

Thomas Karl Dietrich is the author of Temple of Heaven & Earth, Culture of Astronomy, Origin of Culture, and numerous articles like The Turin Rule on ancient science & astronomy on:

Kaaknu The Volvon artist: John Finger