Tuolumne Meadows – Yosemite

The Far Far East Bay. 

This High Sierra magical geologic setting was a meeting,ceremonial and trading place for the Mono tribe from the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevada and the Miwok tribe from Yosemite Valley. Then as now it is only really accessible for 3-4 months a year.At 8500 feet it is surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks. Our guide Richard had plotted out some possible areas to examine.

This is on the shelf below Lembert Dome. 4 bedrock mortars.A lot of shelf there folks. It took us two tries to find it..There are reportably more brm’s scattered all around.

This fantastic village site just east of Soda Springswas once littered with obsidian flakes but has been picked almost clean by park visitors. People still drink the effervescent healing waters from Soda Spring.

No bedrock mortars here but when you stand on this ground it is easy to see why it was a premier summertime village site. For thousands of years.

Richard picked up a possible cutting tool.We left this and the obsidian flakes right there.

Driving through the meadows, and over the Tioga Pass,makes one really appreciate why Yosemite is a National Park.