Volvon Village 2024

Incredibly, 20 years after I stumbled upon the main Volvon Village in Morgan Territory it still has not been recognized by the Park and Water Districts, and most Native Americans, as one of the most important, intact examples of pre-contact lifestyles and habitation arrangements.


And, as I have said repeatably, the disappeared Volvon Tribe may have been one of the most important and consequential  groups of people in Central California for thousands of years.


Someday, some native or anthropologist or archaeologist will dive into this incredible resource and begin to establish something akin to the 100 year plan I proposed thirteen long years ago.


Volvon Village Proposal


Ready to be re-occupied today


Here now, and then

450 of the 725 known bedrock mortars are right on this plateau


This combination bedrock mortar and cupule rock overlooks the village


The variety of mortar styles and uses at this location is unbelievable


The ancient path through the village


12 minute James Benney Video The Volvon Tribe Story


21 Minute Bob Bardell Volvon Bedrock Mortar Walk


The Parks and Water District people are hoping we’ll just go away.